Friday, December 7, 2012

7th day of Christmas in a Jar - Double Chocolate Brownie Mix in a Jar

Double Chocolate Brownie Mix in a Jar

For the seventh day of Christmas in a jar, we have double chocolate brownies. I found the recipe at MyRecipes, but changed it slightly.

You will need:


Homemade brownies are the best! Make sure you make a batch for yourself while making your gift mixes!

Step 1

Using the canning funnel (purchase for $1.25 at Walmart in the canning jar section), layer flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, brown, sugar, white sugar, then chocolate chips. Pack the layers down just a bit after each layer. I layered them in this order, but then made a few in the same order, except putting the brown sugar on the bottom first layer. Then I had layers of brown, white, brown, white, brown. You can do any order you'd like, but put the chocolate chips on the top. If you put the other ingredients onto of them, they will fall through the chips... which could be a cool effect if that is what you are trying to achieve. Play around with the batch you'll bake for yourself {wink}.

Step 2

On your tag or sticker, put these directions: "Pour the contents of the jar in a mixing bowl and whisk with one teaspoon vanilla extract, 2/3 cup vegetable or canola oil and four eggs. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes in a greased baking dish. Let cool slightly before slicing and serving" Decorate the jars however you'd like. Feel free to use the free printables below or order your custom personalized stickers (or personalized digital downloads for you to print) from Davet Designs.

Double Chocolate Brownie Mix in a Jar
Double Chocolate Brownie Mix in a Jar

Free Printable Downloads:

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Double Chocolate Brownie Mix in a Jar front printable Double Chocolate Brownie Mix in a Jar back printable
Bridget Davet / Davet Designs

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  1. I love this - thank you for this, I'm excited to use these as gifts!:)

  2. When making this recipe what size pan do you use?

  3. Hi! I was wondering if you had a pint size version of this recipe?

    1. You could cut the recipe in half. As far as baking it, maybe in a 8x8 inch pan? I'd have to test it out though to be sure.

  4. What am i doing wrong these labels printed horribly?

  5. Are you downloading the hires file and printing that one? not the web image.

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