Thursday, June 11, 2015

Handprint Flower Artwork or Placemat

Handprint flower artwork

We are going to visit my mom this week for vacation. I wanted to make her something special from the boys. They love to do hand prints, so I came up with this fun idea. Probably because I'm obsessed with my new laminator right now. Expect to see many lamination post soon! I just love the saying "The best things in life aren't things", but you could use a different phrase or no phrase at all. This hand print flower can be adapted to many different ideas, like one hand print flower on the front of card.... hummm... (must make some of those soon!).

You will need:


Print out my free printable or just use a plain sheet of paper. Rub and pat the ink pad onto your child's hand until full inked. Guide his/her little hand onto the paper where you want the flower to be. Then draw the green leaves and stem with the marker. Decorate with any other decoration/wording you'd like.

Place the paper into a laminating pouch and send through the laminator. Instant placemat! Or it can be hung on the wall, etc.

Here is a free pdf download of the template with only the top sentence. You can hand write the bottom if you'd like.

Bridget Davet / Davet Designs

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