Thursday, March 20, 2014

Homemade DIY Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash

Homemade DIY Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash

Being highly allergic to fragrance leaves few options for body washes. After years of trying different brands and paying a fortune for fragrance free body washes, I decided to make my own. I tried a few recipes and this is what I came up with. It cost me about $5.04 per 8oz bottle to make. It is super quick and easy to make. The body wash is rather thin, but when applied with a pouffy, it lathers right up!

You will need:

Homemade DIY Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash supplies


Combine all ingredients in a bowl or measuring cup. I like to use a measuring cup since it will be easy to pour straight into the bottle. You can adjust the essential oil ratio to your liking. Peppermint is stronger than most, so I only use about half the amount I would for other oils. For example, if using lavender, I'd use about 50 drops. Feel free to experiment and try different combination of scents.

Pour into bottle. Shake before each use. How simple can you get!

Decorate the bottles however you'd like. Feel free to use the free printable below or order your custom personalized waterproof stickers (or personalized digital downloads for you to print) from Davet Designs.

Free Printable Downloads:

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Homemade DIY Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash printable

Bridget Davet / Davet Designs

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