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Frosted Painted Glass Jack-O-Lantern

Frosted Painted Glass Jack-O-Lantern

My challenge this week (if I choose to accept), involved making something pumpkin-like. We are having a "pumpkin exchange" next week at our Mom's-Night-In Craft Night. Each person will bring a craft pumpkin valued at around $10 to exchange. The instructions said "It doesn't have to be anything specific: glass, plastic, ceramic, burlap, glittery etc." I took that to mean "think outside the box", oh Craft Master. Visions of a glass pumpkin danced in my head. My first thought was to paint the inside of the glass with orange enamel paint and use black vinyl cutouts for the face. However, I have been wanting to do a frosted glass project for quite some time, so there you have it!

You will need:

Frosted Painted Glass Jack-O-Lantern Candy Bowl supplies


I purchased the glass bowl from Hobby Lobby for $6.99 minus my 40% off coupon. I ended up having to use some adhesive remover to fully remove the stickers from the bottom of the bowl. Then I washed and dried the bowl.

Frosted Painted Glass Jack-O-Lantern Candy Bowl supplies

Draw your face for the Jack-O-Lantern on the BACKSIDE of the vinyl since it is paper and easier to write on than the vinyl itself. You can use any vinyl you choose, but I used the Oracal 631 Exhibition vinyl since it is a semi-permanent vinyl and easy to peel off. Vinyl is sold at most craft stores or you can buy vinyl online {affiliate link }.

Frosted Painted Glass Jack-O-Lantern Candy Bowl supplies

Cut out your pieces. Peel and stick your vinyl cutouts onto the glass and smooth down firmly.

Frosted Painted Glass Jack-O-Lantern Candy Bowl supplies

Take you bowl outside and spray paint the outside of the bowl. Use newspaper or something similar underneath. Follow the directions on the spray can for correct use. This was my first go round with frosted spray paint. I used Krylon Frosted Glass Finish purchased from Michael's for $9.99 minus my 40% off coupon. I did use almost half the small can for this one bowl. I sprayed 2 coats waiting about an hour between each coat. {My husband spray painted the second coat so I could take this picture :)}

Frosted Painted Glass Jack-O-Lantern Candy Bowl supplies

Let your pumpkin fully dry (about an hour). Bring inside and carefully peel off the vinyl. The frosted paint WILL scratch off.

Frosted Painted Glass Jack-O-Lantern Candy Bowl

VoilĂ ! This was a very quick and easy project that I think came out better than expected. Total cost was $10.18 plus tax, but I had enough spray paint to do a little over 2 projects, bringing the total down to $7.19 plus tax. I would imagine had I shopped around, I could have gotten a glass bowl at the dollar store for much cheaper, but I am on a time crunch. This would make a perfect hostess gift or any occasion present. Fill it with candy, potpourri, etc. before you give as a gift for that little something extra, or what we from Louisiana call "lagniappe"!

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  1. Great idea!The process of making this lovable lantern seems simple and just kids can try it!DIY lantern making tutorial.


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